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The Loire comes to Newtonmore

Newtonmore is a village in the Highlands of Scotland – up in the Cairngorms overlooked by mountains. Whether people living in the Alps would call them mountains is another matter as few are over 4000 feet. They should not be … Lire la suite →

No limits to stupidity?

Hervé Lalau recently told us about how annoyed he gets when people on press trips say they are vegan and thus refuse to share food with colleagues on the same trip, including those who have invited them. I totally agree … Lire la suite →

Book review: an historical look at the concept of terroir

Le goût du Terroir : Histoire d’une idée française translated by Philippe Barré from the English language original: Tasting French Terroir: The History of an Idea. The irony of this particular book review is that it was initially written in ……

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